The Reef

Two Rocks, WA

Dive into The Reef, Two Rock's established private estate nestled upon exquisite natural coastline, ensuring many home sites enjoy soaring ocean views.

Welcome to The Reef Two Rocks, a vibrant, established estate where families can live, laugh and grow alongside one another in a warm and friendly coastal community. Surrounded by shady parks and unspoilt beaches, a new home with plenty of space to roam is waiting.

This is your moment in the sun - take it.

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Land for sale in The Reef

Address Size Price Status Match
719 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037429m2$187500listedMatch
756 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037375m2$175000listedMatch
169 Swirl Link, TWO ROCKS 6037390m2$185000listedMatch
102 Reunion Street, TWO ROCKS 6037558m2$230000listedMatch
105 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 6037555m2$240000listedMatch
110 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 6037225m2$119500listedMatch
334 Sentinel Drive, TWO ROCKS 6037375m2$155000listedMatch
339 Sentinel Drive, TWO ROCKS 6037450m2$195000listedMatch
112 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 6037291m2$155000listedMatch
138 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037386m2$180000listedMatch
139 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037389m2$180000listedMatch
722 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037416m2$190000listedMatch
723 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037367m2$175000listedMatch
738 Montebello Boulevard, TWO ROCKS 6037400m2$187500listedMatch
758 Innamincka Road, TWO ROCKS 6037436m2$190000listedMatch
171 Swirl Link, TWO ROCKS 6037390m2$185000listedMatch
103 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$255000listedMatch
104 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$210000listedMatch
106 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$155000listedMatch
108 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$129500listedMatch
113 Sudbury Way, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$180000listedMatch
114 Sentinel Dve, TWO ROCKS 60370m2$165000listedMatch
127 Ashmore Avenue, TWO ROCKS 6037378m2$155000listedMatch
333 Sentinel Dve, TWO ROCKS 6037450m2$175000listedMatch
140 Montebello Blvd, TWO ROCKS 6037385m2$180000listedMatch
721 Montebello Blvd, TWO ROCKS 6037415m2$190000listedMatch
736 Montebello Blvd, TWO ROCKS 6037400m2$187500listedMatch
750 Montebello Blvd, TWO ROCKS 6037400m2$187500listedMatch
754 Montebello Blvd, TWO ROCKS 6037390m2$180000listedMatch
133 Broadhurst Way, TWO ROCKS 6037435m2$190000listedMatch
142 McIntyre Pass, TWO ROCKS 6037400m2$187500listedMatch
144 McIntyre Pass, TWO ROCKS 6037390m2$185000listedMatch
127 Ashmore Avenue, TWO ROCKS 6037378m2$175000listedMatch