Heron Park

Harrisdale, WA

Heron Park in Harrisdale is simply the smarter choice. It's a vibrant, well-connected and mature masterplanned community that has captured the imagination of Perth homebuyers.

Located close to Perth, Fremantle and the Armadale Town Centre, Heron Park has all of the amenities you want and a lifestyle that you'll relish.

As a multi-award winning estate, the homes are built to the highest standard and over the past two years Heron Park has been one of the top five selling estates in Western Australia.

Life at Heron Park means all modern conveniences at your doorstep. There are

a $15million state-of- the-art Harrisdale Primary School

a $61million Harrisdale High School and

the $51million Harrisdale Shopping Centre

Nearby, Canning Vale also offers a choice of five retail precincts, established schools and an outstanding choice of community and recreational facilities.

A quarter of the estate is set aside for natural bushland or open space. Landscaped family parks, picnic areas and conservation zones, with their flocks of migratory birds, help create Heron Park's tranquil appeal. There's also established walkways and bike trails so you can enjoy your surroundings.

Become smarter, be part of the Heron Park lifestyle, visit Land for Sale to find the homesite to suit your needs.

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Land for sale in Heron Park

Address Size Price Status Match
3828 Zeehan Lane, HARRISDALE 6112305.4m2$259000listedMatch
3760 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 6112281.94m2$249000listedMatch
3861 Nisden View, Harrisdale 6112300m2$265000listedMatch
2435 Dunmore Crescent, HARRISDALE 6112330m2$268000listedMatch
3834 Hazeldene Drive, HARRISDALE 6112299.28m2$215000listedMatch
3839 Fairhaven Avenue, HARRISDALE 6112319.44m2$270000listedMatch
3844 Fairhaven Avenue, HARRISDALE 6112280.85m2$235000listedMatch
3509 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale 6112374.98m2$299000listedMatch
3771 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale 6112315m2$254000listedMatch
3772 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale 6112315m2$254000listedMatch
3806 Floradale Road, Harrisdale 6112375m2$299000listedMatch
4156 Abercrombie Entrance, Harrisdale 0251.09m2$234000listedMatch
4160 Abercrombie Entrance, Harrisdale 0314.98m2$269000listedMatch
4161 Abercrombie Entrance, Harrisdale 0314.98m2$269000listedMatch
3790 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 6112225m2$220000listedMatch
3791 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 0225m2$220000listedMatch
3792 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 6112225m2$220000listedMatch
3794 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 0277.42m2$249000listedMatch
4146 Hurbo Way, Harrisdale 0312.5m2$275000listedMatch
3811 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 0315m2$269000listedMatch
4144 Abercrombie Entrance, Harrisdale 0250m2$239000listedMatch
4145 Abercrombie Entrance, Harrisdale 0231.94m2$230000listedMatch
4147 Hurbo Way, Harrisdale 0312.5m2$275000listedMatch
3807 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 6112311.94m2$279000listedMatch
3640 Keane Road, HARRISDALE 6113307.42m2$255000listedMatch
3812 Barossa Loop, Harrisdale 6112315m2$269000listedMatch
3528 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112364.72m2$297000listedMatch
3529 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112364.72m2$297000listedMatch
3530 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112364.72m2$297000listedMatch
3532 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112340.16m2$277000listedMatch
4110 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112307.5m2$266000listedMatch
4129 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112325.48m2$272000listedMatch
3526 Rockvale Crescent, Harrisdale 6112381.67m2$296000listedMatch