Eden Beach

Jindalee, WA

Eden Beach Estate offers premium beachside living at a price you can afford.

Located within the northern coastal corridor, Eden Beach in Jindalee is a spacious masterplanned estate. Life at Eden Beach means you can make the most of the Western Australian coastline and all it has to offer.

Eden Beach is the affordable coastal dream you've always wanted.

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Land for sale in Eden Beach

Address Size Price Status Match
70 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036301.35m2$249000listedMatch
247 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036225m2$185000listedMatch
134 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036194m2$175000listedMatch
249 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036240m2$199000listedMatch
215 Cosmia Grove, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
960 Stellatus Approach, JINDALEE 60364180.64m2$285000listedMatch
972 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 60363992.79m2$295000listedMatch
973 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 60363367.74m2$270000listedMatch
976 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 60363367.74m2$270000listedMatch
995 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 60364041.28m2$295000listedMatch
875 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60364738.06m2$305000listedMatch
874 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60364738.06m2$305000listedMatch
872 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60364738.06m2$305000listedMatch
873 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60364738.06m2$305000listedMatch
607 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$185000listedMatch
606 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
605 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
604 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
603 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
653 Mirabilis Avenue, JINDALEE 60364150.26m2$305000listedMatch
602 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
601 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
599 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362787.09m2$220000listedMatch
209 Cosmia Grove, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$182000listedMatch
216 Cosmia Grove, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$180000listedMatch
598 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362787.09m2$210000listedMatch
608 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 60362090.32m2$185000listedMatch
984 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 60364012.85m2$265000listedMatch
883 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60363948.38m2$280000listedMatch
890 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60363948.38m2$295000listedMatch
892 Vitrinella Avenue, JINDALEE 60365369.8m2$365000listedMatch
366 Spinosa Chase, JINDALEE 60363692.9m2$270000listedMatch
367 Spinosa Chase, JINDALEE 60363650.9m2$260000listedMatch
373 Spinosa Chase, JINDALEE 60363483.86m2$265000listedMatch
374 Spinosa Chase, JINDALEE 60363483.86m2$265000listedMatch