Eden Beach

Jindalee, WA

Eden Beach Estate offers premium beachside living at a price you can afford.

Located within the northern coastal corridor, Eden Beach in Jindalee is a spacious masterplanned estate. Life at Eden Beach means you can make the most of the Western Australian coastline and all it has to offer.

Eden Beach is the affordable coastal dream you've always wanted.

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Land for sale in Eden Beach

Address Size Price Status Match
318 Selacosa Avenue, JINDALEE 6036450m2$320000listedMatch
319 Selacosa Avenue, JINDALEE 6036434.2m2$285000listedMatch
322 Selacosa Avenue, JINDALEE 6036450m2$325000listedMatch
251 Cosmia Grove, JINDALEE 6036225m2$205000listedMatch
105 Midsummer Avenue, JINDALEE 6036480.5m2$340000listedMatch
107 Midsummer Avenue, JINDALEE 6036387.5m2$288000listedMatch
62 Midsummer Avenue, JINDALEE 6036390m2$288000listedMatch
733 Pharus Grove, JINDALEE 6036375m2$359000listedMatch
579 Marginella Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036375m2$289000listedMatch
582 Marginella Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036450m2$289000listedMatch
583 Marginella Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036450m2$319000listedMatch
152 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036225m2$185000listedMatch
153 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036225m2$185000listedMatch
133 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036225m2$185000listedMatch
132 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036225m2$185000listedMatch
135 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036375.66m2$249000listedMatch
960 Stellatus Approach, JINDALEE 6036450m2$325000listedMatch
959 Macquarie Avenue, JINDALEE 6036445.48m2$305000listedMatch
981 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036435m2$325000listedMatch
982 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036430.48m2$309000listedMatch
984 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036431.94m2$295000listedMatch
985 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036450m2$341000listedMatch
986 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036375m2$289000listedMatch
987 Pandora Drive, JINDALEE 6036375m2$289000listedMatch
73 Reflection Boulevard, JINDALEE 6036m2$185000listedMatch
501 Chambered Way, JINDALEE 6036480m2$315000listedMatch
502 Chambered Way, JINDALEE 6036480m2$315000listedMatch
503 Chambered Way, JINDALEE 6036480m2$315000listedMatch
512 Chambered Way, JINDALEE 6036544m2$308000listedMatch