Kwinana, WA

Cassia is an exciting new residential community that spans three precincts within the suburbs of Parmelia and Kwinana. Kwinana Is a thriving metropolitan City with an intimate, country feel. An escape from the hustle and bustle of Perth City life- yet just a 26 minute train journey away. Kwinana is now the second fastest growing local government area in Western Australia.

Cassia provides affordable living with easy accessibility to established amenities including; Kwinana Marketplace, Kwinana Train Station, Kwinana Adventure, Public Library and a number of public and private schools, as well as local employment opportunities.

The first of the three regions is Cassia Glades, opposite the Kwinana Marketplace. It's only walking distance from dozens of speciality shops, a leisure centre and bus station.

Cassia North is about living a well-connected lifestyle. You'll be within walking distance of Kwinana Train Station, parks and a primary school. Plus, you're close to the Kwinana Town Centre and will have easy access to the freeway and only 26 minutes to the Perth CBD.

Cassia Rise is the perfect place to raise a family. With its larger lots it has amazing views and plenty of parks and wide open spaces, yet it's still so close to all the amenities in the area.

Cassia has it all - it's affordable, has great amenities and transport options, parks and a local golf course. The choice is simple. The choice is Cassia.

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Land for sale in Cassia

Address Size Price Status Match
781 Egerton Road, PARMELIA 6167400m2$195000listedMatch
788 Meharry Road, PARMELIA 6167463.75m2$206000listedMatch
790 Meharry Road, PARMELIA 6167478.75m2$206000listedMatch
796 Meharry Road, PARMELIA 6167547.36m2$205000listedMatch
803 Stevenson Boulevard, PARMELIA 6167494.31m2$200000listedMatch
814 Stevenson Boulevard, PARMELIA 6167450m2$210000listedMatch
783 Stevenson Boulevard, PARMELIA 6167452.62m2$230000listedMatch
660 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167481m2$220000listedMatch
661 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167568m2$199000listedMatch
662 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167570m2$199000listedMatch
665 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167320m2$170000listedMatch
666 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167320m2$170000listedMatch
678 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167281m2$156000listedMatch
679 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167362m2$175000listedMatch
682 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167240m2$150000listedMatch
693 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167375m2$177000listedMatch
695 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167240m2$155000listedMatch
696 Sicklemore Road, PARMELIA 6167240m2$155000listedMatch
672 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167240m2$160000listedMatch
673 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167240m2$160000listedMatch
674 Pickering Avenue, PARMELIA 6167239m2$150000listedMatch
92 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
93 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
102 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
103 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
104 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
105 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
92 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$152000listedMatch
93 Orange Street, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$152000listedMatch
20 Kangaroo Avenue, KWINANA TOWN CENTRE 6167225m2$160000listedMatch
1026 Stevenson Boulevard, Parmelia 6167510m2$225000listedMatch
1029 Hinckley Street, Parmelia 6167461.71m2$218000listedMatch
1030 Gardner Street, Parmelia 6167450m2$228000listedMatch
1031 Gardner Street, Parmelia 6167450m2$228000listedMatch
1032 Gardner Street, Parmelia 6167479.19m2$229000listedMatch
1033 Gardner Street, Parmelia 6167557.63m2$210000listedMatch
1061 Challenger Avenue, Parmelia 6167576m2$215000listedMatch
1062 Challenger Avenue, Parmelia 6167576m2$215000listedMatch
1063 Challenger Avenue, Parmelia 6167576m2$215000listedMatch
1064 Tate Way, Parmelia 6167491.82m2$210000listedMatch
1066 Tate Way, Parmelia 6167449.95m2$220000listedMatch
1067 Hinckley Street, Parmelia 6167491.92m2$225000listedMatch
1068 Hinckley Street, Parmelia 6167480m2$230000listedMatch
1069 Hinckley Street, Parmelia 6167480m2$230000listedMatch
1071 Stevenson Boulevard, Parmelia 6167506.99m2$215000listedMatch
1072 Stevenson Boulevard, Parmelia 6167450.96m2$215000listedMatch
1110 Hinckley Street, Parmelia 6167528.36m2$234000listedMatch